“Coats” is a PSA for the Burlington 2013 Coat Drive.  The director wanted to explore how we could execute the spot in one camera move.  When we met, the director described what he envisioned narratively and what shots he wanted.  Together, we designed a camera move that started overhead, dollys to reveal a child drawing and then pulls back to reveal an empty classroom.

After I created the camera move in Maya, the production designer and I roughed out the dimensions of the set.  We ended with a 16′ back wall and 12′ of children’s desks.  It was important for the budget to only buy and build exactly what we needed.  Using the previs we were able to be very precise.  When we showed up on the build day / pre-light everything lined up perfectly.

Ideally, I would have liked to do this shot with a MILO or Technodolly because the move is complicated.  For budget reasons I  I designed for a Fisher21 jib and a Cartoni Lambda head.  I used my existing 3D Previs Fisher10 rig and modeled a Fisher21 jib and combined them to plan out the technical details of the dolly/jib move.

For creative and timing reasons the spot doesn’t play in one continuous shot.  We executed the move on set several times but we always knew that we should shoot coverage in case.



Project Info:

Production Company: Armada
Producer: Rachel Perkins

Cinematography: Matt Workman

Previs: Matt Workman
Visual Effects Supervisor: Brendan O’Neil
Visual Effects Company: Suspect

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