Previs Case Studies

My previs process helps the agency and director visualize the commercial in pre-production. It can help resolve creative and technical problems way before the shoot day. Once the creative is locked, my technical diagrams help communicate the execution plan upstream to the director, producer, and agency/client, as well as downstream to the film production crew (camera, lighting, art, AD) and the visual effects crew (VFX supervisor, virtual production operator, etc.)

I work closely with the production designer as they are creating 2D/3D CADs of their set designs as well as the visual effects supervisor to make sure we are able to execute the storyboards and create the best final spot possible.


Previs + Technodolly Motion Control


University of Florida

Previs + Technodolly Motion Control



Previs + Technocrane + Lighting Previs


Cover Girl

Previs + Technocrane


Smart Car

Previs + Dolly Move



Previs + Lighting Previs