Light Iron + Lily Pad + Commercial Shoot

Light Iron Lily Pad - Cart

Light Iron Lily Pad – Cart

Today was my first experience with the infamous Light Iron “Lily Pad” On set Creative Suite. We were shooting with a RED Epic 5k Full frame and we used the system to generate dailies with a “normal” LUT, while preserving the REDCODE for the online.

The cart itself is running off a Mac Pro and is one sexy configuration. My favorite part of the suite is the “Live Play 2.0″ feature, that allows any iPad to view all of the shots during the day at any time. One can also enter pre-made meta data fields or create their own. I wish I had this system on my last shoot honestly.

Light Iron Lily Pad - Live Play 2.0 App on an Apple iPad 2

Light Iron Lily Pad – Live Play 2.0 App on an Apple iPad 2

I’m told that the system can handle ArriRAW, REDRAW, CanonRAW, Sony sLOG2, etc. I’ve had mixed experiences dealing with all digital workflows so far. Some times we finish spots at Company 3 off the RAW. Others, they don’t have the time/budget and we finish off the dailies. Now I can create LUTS for the dailies in DaVinci and send them as reference for the colorist, if there is any online.

I’ve been looking for a solid workflow for handling on set color correction for dailies and for communicating with the colorist. After seeing the system running in person I have more confidence moving in to an ArriRAW and any RAW workflow really.

The future is now. :)